Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is for You Nana

My grandmother quite sweetly told me tonight that she knows how busy I am because my blog posts are few and far between. Interpreted, get to posting Abbey! Okay, so Nana even though tonight I filled you in on what's going on, this one's for you.

I know it's not good to wish time away but I feel that since tomorrow starts off September it has to mean fall is here (in 90 degree temps) then Christmas and thus half the school year is just right around the corner. Blame my poor attitude on fatigue. I know it will get better. It's just right now, there's not enough hours in the day to get things done, so I'm a little sleep deprived.

Now that the miniature violin has played a melodious tune for my whining, I'll move on. Gavin is saying more words every day. Lately he's added the following words: eat, read, more, banana, nim for vitamin, hide and shark. While he's his own person, I see so much of me in the ways things have to be just right. If I'm not closing the kitchen cabinets, he's one step behind me letting me know the "door" needs to be closed. He is also a creature of habit. The way we get him up in the morning has to follow the routine and instead of wanting a glass of water like a regular kid, he has to have vasoline rubbed on his nose and the dry skin on his knee before he goes to bed. When I blow dry his hair after a bath, he has to brush my hair with not just one but two brushes. If you give that kid a ride in his car or fly him around the room, he'll remember it and that will be your role every time he sees you.

I also see a lot of his daddy in him from his smile to his playful nature. Gavin will sweetly tease and "chase" is his game of choice. He also has his daddy's charm and astonishing good looks. Speaking of D, he has been working hard for his money. We are cherishing all of the time we get right now.

As we head into fall (fingers crossed) I'm really hoping a more calm season of life will ensue. Nana - thanks for keeping me on my toes. Love ya'.

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