Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

1. I have a class full of 17 wonderful and energetic five year olds.

2. I am too tired to do a full blog post. See item number 1.

3. I fell asleep on the couch working on things for the past two nights only to finally go to bed early in the morning. Again, see item number 1.

3. School supplies are fantastic- especially a brand new pack of crayons.

4. I love it when Gavin wants me to hold him like he's a baby after he gets a bath even if he just thinks it's a fun game.

5. While we appreciate the overtime, I am so glad my hunny is getting home at a decent time this week.

6. I am having a hard time keeping the flowers watered since by the time everyone is fed and taken care of, it's dark. Watering in the dark is not easy.

7. I feel guilty when I don't water. See item number 6.

8. We are so blessed that Gavin has people who love him and take such great care of him while I'm at work.

9. My husband speaks my love language when he makes me coffee in the morning without me even asking.

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