Saturday, August 21, 2010

Laughing 'Til It Hurts

My abs hurt. They hurt really bad. Abs, really? No, who am I kidding. Okay, something resembling my stomach hurts. Want to know the cause. Meet Shan, Wendy and Jennie. That's me on the far right.
We had a reunion of sorts last night over dinner. I had not seen the glowing mom-to-be Shantel since high school and it had been over a year since the rest of us were all together. Although Wendy and Jennie are lucky to get to see each other fairly often. I've known these girls since third grade and you would have thought by the amount of laughing, we hadn't skipped a beat. We caught up on life's events, misunderstood stories which made them even funnier, oohed and ahhed over Shan and Wendy's sonogram pictures (clearly their babies are advanced), and reminisced about my mom's brownies. Jennie and I may or may not have traded potty training stories.

While we have all married, have had or are having kids and are well into our careers, there were still traces of the little girls who used to spend the night together, play volleyball and do the homework my mom dished out - it was a lot (just kidding mom!)

Recently, I came across a photo of the four of us together while searching through some old photos at my parents' house. I wish I had a picture of when we were little girls (those were probably at the bottom of some boxes), it's of the last reunion we had sometime during high school.
We have made plans to get together more often than every ten years. Let's hope so because I just might get those abs after all without doing a single crunch.

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