Monday, August 2, 2010

Creative and Dramatic Play

I had every intention of posting the last of my San Diego pictures, but instead I have a few pictures to share from today. I'm trying to drink in every minute of this summer because all too soon it will be time for teachers to return to school. Gavin and I are having a lot of fun creative play time but I did want to include some structured activities (although to him he doesn't know the difference).

I decided to pull out the play dough. Lately he's been really interested in learning colors. I had him first match up the mini tubs of play dough with the corresponding balloon color on a mat. Then we just popped open a tub of play dough and went to town rolling balls, cutting it in half and spooning it into bowls.

For the past week, he's been moving colorful pompoms from one bowl to the next with spoons and tongs. My translation: I have him improving his motor skills. His translation: Mom is letting me play with a fun toy.
Since those were nearby, we worked on matching the color pompoms to the right color balloons. He probably was successful 50 percent of the time, but he kept getting hung up that there wasn't a brown or pink pompom to put on the balloon. I may have to die some of the white ones.

This cast of characters was also broadening their skills.
From left to right: Bear with no eyes (Old Bear), Mickey Mouse, Boober (from Fraggle Rock) and the Lorax (whom I call the Larynx just to bug D).

Gavin lined them up for story time. It's amazing what that kid remembers from just one time. Earlier in the day while he was "reading" a Winnie the Pooh book, I got out his stuffed Eyore, Tigger and Winnie the Pooh and lined them up to "listen" to the story. (I wonder if I can add in anymore "quotes?") Anyways, he remembered that and before long, I think he had a stadium full of willful participants.
Tigger must have cracked a joke from the looks of this next picture.
I have a few more have-to things I need to accomplish in this next week, but I'm hoping to mainly focus on being in the moment with this little fella.

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