Saturday, July 31, 2010


The title of the first blog post about my trip was a little deceiving because although I flew into San Diego, we mostly spent our time in the outskirts of the city. That was probably a good thing because ComicCon was going on and I didn't have my Wonder Woman costume with me. I jest.

This was completely okay with me because we saw some incredible towns. One of those was Coronado. It's an island off the coast and seriously reminded me of something out of a movie. Think Pleasantville not War of the Worlds. After our trip to La Jolla my first full day, Ashley and I went to Coronado for dinner. Unfortunately, we arrived after dark but even that did not hamper our intake of the houses. The houses we saw in Beverly Hills paled in comparison to these, not in size but in character, Here's a sneak peak at one of the houses.
Because there are so many brilliant ones, I'm going to save those for a separate blog post. It sounds boring, but believe me, I think it will be worth it.

Back to the matter at hand- food! Ashley took me to this Mexican food restaurant called Miguels Cocina.
Her rave over the jalapeno cheese sauce did not disappoint. It was amazing! I think our eyes both lit up when the waitress told us you can buy it by the jar. We resisted though.
The back of the restaurant was so pretty.
Since we wanted a better look at the town in the daylight we decided to make that our destination after our Hollywood trip. Here's Coronado in the daytime.

Ashley and I decided to rent bicycles to go sightseeing.
We bought lemonade from two boys who took this picture of us. It was actually pretty good lemonade. They also had golf balls for sale - pretty convenient since their house was right by the golf course.
I wish I could share the picture of the lemonade stand, but Ashley took that picture with her camera. We're planning on sharing all of the pictures we took.

While we didn't see any celebrities during my stay, we did come across this guy. See what I mean about this place coming straight out of a movie?

We're off to celebrate my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Nee!

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