Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catch Up

I'm in a little bit of a blogging funk mainly because our computer crashed which contained Photoshop and we don't know where the disk is to load it back up. I know the grandparents think, "What's a blog without pictures of our grandson?" and so I hate to disappoint by putting up icky pictures with dark backgrounds and boring color. I just might have to start reading the camera book D bought me so that I can actually use the camera properly.

We've mostly been rained in the past few days. That has meant lots of play time and organizing both of which are needed. I did get to have lunch with my dear friend Priscilla yesterday at the cutest tea room. It's the same place I had my bridal luncheon and I had not been back there in eight years. Speaking of eight years, next week will mark mine and D's eight year anniversary. To say time has flown by is an understatement. We've planned a little getaway sans Gavin. Don't feed him too much ice cream while we are gone Me Me. You know how that kid can wolf down the creamy stuff. He can work for his keep too, just like when he helped you paint the fence.
This is a look of concentration.
For a summer that started out with no plans, it has shaped up to be a lot of fun. I'm thoroughly loving being with Gavin every day and I don't think we have tired of each other. Although he did have a little meltdown this morning. I also realize that I have a mockingbird on my hands. He's repeating things like "Yea, turtle and please, please, please." He's also been helping me unload the dishwasher and put up his clothes. I might has well start the chores off early since he's so willing.

He's also started something else early. Potty training! Yep, that's right, and all on his own. You wouldn't believe the shock on my face when he pulled me to the bathroom and actually went. As soon as he gets up from his nap, we are heading out for a pint size potty. He'll thank me when he's older knowing that I posted this for all of the world to see.

And speaking of waking up, I hear him now.

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