Monday, July 19, 2010

Sous Chef

I'm loving the stage Gavin is in right now. Thankfully the terrible twos have not reared its ugly head too much and our days are filled with lots of play, reading and even some cooking. I think three days in a row last week, D came home to the sight of Gavin sitting on the kitchen counter helping me cook.

One night he helped me tear all of the lettuce and had a blast with the salad spinner. Oh, and any time I get out the hand mixer, he starts spinning in circles. He loves to help me mix anything. Don't worry grandparents, I make sure to keep my hand firmly on top of his.

Here are some pictures of Gavin helping me make homemade pizzas. He pretty much did every step from putting out the dough, to spreading each of the 10 or so toppings. D likes to have his bursting with flavor.

You can tell Gavin is in concentration mode in that last picture. His help has inspired me to make him an apron. Don't worry it will be a very manly apron- I'm thinking Super Cook or something along those lines.

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