Sunday, July 18, 2010

Destination Vacation

The week flew by and I realized that I haven't even posted about the little trip D and I took for our anniversary last weekend. Gavin was packed and ready to spend four days with his grandparents.
Now that you know where he went, can you guess our destination?

We went west, first through Austin where I don't have any pictures because we were just driving through. Then we made our way to Fredericksburg to spend a few hours in their town square. We ate at our favorite German restaurant (can't remember the name) and strolled the streets.

We were back on the road that evening to San Antonio where the pictures from our guessing game took place.

Since D and I have both strolled the River Walk and visited the Alamo numerous times, we did what any parents do who don't have their two year old with them- we saw two animated movies. Granted Gavin isn't old enough to sit through anything longer than twenty minutes. Of Despicable Me and Toy Story 3, I would say my favorite was Toy Story, but the other one was pretty good as well.

We also visited all three locations of one of our favorite places...
We'll just consider the purchases we made from Half Price Books our souvenir gifts.

We had Sunday brunch at the Madhatter's Tea House. We just might have to open one in the Montrose or Rice Village area. I had yummy french toast and D chose cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches as well as jalapeno infused tuna sandwiches.

On Monday night, we had our pre-anniversary dinner at a romantic vineyard. Dinner was incredible (in fact we ate too good all weekend) and the scenery was gorgeous.
We managed to take a few photos outside before the mosquitoes carried us off.

On our way home Tuesday, which was the actual day of our anniversary, we stopped and ate at Taste of Texas where they graciously gave us a delicious Snickers cake to share. I've been doing two miles every day on the elliptical just to work that baby off. We had a great time and it was nice to have a few days as just a couple. But we sure did miss our little boy.

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