Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunny San Diego

I've been home three days since my five day exertion to see my childhood friend Ashley in San Diego. When I say childhood, I mean we have known each other since before braces and first boyfriends. Here's a picture we took before prom one year.
This was after braces and first boyfriends and no, we were not each others date.

Ashley moved to sunny San Diego nearly three years ago when she married her love Nick. It's been that long since I had seen her and during one of our phone conversations the thought of me visiting came up and well, we sort of ran with it.

This little boy nearly ran out the door with his suitcase packed to stay at Poppy and Nee's house. (That's what he's calling my mom these days.)
I think my husband was a little more hesitant about me going, but he was also very supportive. Thanks hunny!

To get off the plane in San Diego was phenomenal. There was the feel of an actual breeze in the air, plus NO humidity! After dealing with baggage claim about my lost bag, I finally met up with Ashley and I seriously don't think we stopped talking the entire evening until at least 1 am (3 am Houston time- whew!).

The next day, we slowly made our way to an area outside of San Diego called La Jolla. I'm seriously glad I packed a light jacket but believe me, I won't complain about the weather. It was such a nice break from the Texas heat. Neither of us had eaten a hamburger in quite some time and I must say I think that day I ate the the best one I had ever had. Unfortunately, I cannot offer free advertising for the place because I do not remember the name and after 30 minutes of searching the Internet, I cannot find it. This unnamed place also had incredible sweet potato fries. I thought they were so good, I was inspired to buy sweet potatoes when I got home.

Once you can find a parking spot, Loa Jolla is one of those walking towns. I mean, who wouldn't want to in 75 degree weather.

It was a good thing we walked because we came across this place.

We shared all six of these Lil' Cups. We controlled ourselves and didn't go with the full size. I'm not sure you can say control when you order six of anything!
The flavors ranged from Tres Leches to Cookies and Cream. And, they were all either vegan or glucose free.

How's the peanut butter and jelly flavor Ash?

I think we liked them.
We went over to Seal Beach, but alas there were no seals. I found out later they don't come back to shore until about four in the afternoon.

These surfers were about as close to seals as we got.

We ended our trip to La Jolla by hiking (walking really) to see this view of La Jolla and some parasailers.

This doesn't quite complete the day's events, but I want to share our visit to Coronado in another blog post.

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