Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mild Mannered Weekend

I am so thankful for a mild weekend seeing that it is leading up to a busy week. Believe it or not, the summer officially comes to an end for me this week as I head back to work. To say it flew by is an understatement.

We mostly stuck to the house this weekend, but we did meet up for dinner with two of our favorite people, Pris and Kris, at the Greek restaurant Niko Nikos. The food was delicious although Gavin was more interested in playing with Kris. Afterward, we headed to the little park by the Menil.

Most of us took turns on the swing.

Gavin and D chased away the birds.

Kris had to use his mad catcher skills.

And Gavin and Pris bonded.

While bonding they came upon this cute creature.

I was also able to snap a few pictures of my hat wearing, mouse carrying little boy.
We all deserved a sweet treat after being in 90 to 100 degree weather at 6 in the evening, so we headed to Amy's Ice Creams and one of us may or may not have climbed up and down on the bench for half an hour because of a sugar high.

It will probably be quiet on the blog front for the next few weeks as the Moore household adjusts to new schedules and long workdays. Until then, I'm going to look at these sweet cheeks for a few more moments.

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