Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Told Myself I Wouldn't

Ten years ago, before D and I were married, he used to contribute to his department's Thanksgiving dinner or other similar potluck function by bringing two cans of vegetables or a bag of apples. I told him once we were married the canned cranberry sauce would be no more. And suffice to say, through the past decade he has brought in broccoli and cheese casseroles, coffee cake and the occasional magic bar treat just because. That is until today.

This afternoon, we were supposed to go to a company party for several of D's co-workers and bring a dessert. My super human husband had to not only take care of his sinus infected wife but also his snotty nose two-year old. So after our trip to the grocery store clinic, we perused the bakery section for something that didn't look too store bought. It took everything in me plus some persuading from my husband to buy an assortment of cookies instead of baking the Almond Joy Cake or the Chunky Chocolate Chip brownies I had in mind.

Upon returning home, I was secretly coniving to half dip the cookies in chocolate but I figured D may have me committed somewhere. Instead, I at least took them out of the box and put them on a decorative plate. Even that was going too far in his eyes.

The medicine and long nap I had while the boys went to the party, left me feeling quite a bit better. Thanksgiving is coming up. I guess I should start planning something. Pass the cranberry sauce!

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