Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

I finally went through all of our pumpkin patch pictures. I can't believe it's already our third year to take Gavin. At the time I wasn't so sure we got very many good pictures because it can be difficult to chase a two-year-old with camera and wagon in tow. However, it was a blast watching Gavin play with the pumpkins (aka transfer and toss), pretend to drive the tractor and demolish the hay bales. He was so proud of himself to be able to carry to pumpkins two at a time and dutifully filled the wagon.
I deeply apologize to whomever buys the large pumpkin in the photo above. Gavin thought it would be fun to lick the pumpkin. We did manage to keep him from licking anymore pumpkins. As you can tell from his mischievous smile, he thought it was loads of fun.
The first year we took Gavin to a pumpkin patch, I took a picture of his feet with the pumpkins and I haven't been able to stop myself yet.
We might have started a tradition.... if we can catch him!

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