Monday, October 18, 2010

Ten Things I Loved About Last Week

1. Visiting with my grandparents and watching Gavin run around their back porch like I did when I was his age.

2. Savoring my first mug of hot chocolate.

3. Playing with my nephews outside.

4. Lighting my new pumpkin spice candle which I paid half price for.

5. Making chocolate/caramel dipped apples and trying to keep a certain someone from eating them first.

6. Finally pulling out the fall decorations and creating a few new pieces.

7. Baking Summer Brown's yummy pumpkin bread recipe.

8. Watching cowboys tame a horse.

9. Hearing Gavin try to say, "I love you" several times plus listening to his knock knock jokes.

10. Capturing these silly faces.

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