Friday, October 8, 2010

What a Day!

Today was long in coming for more ways than one. D and I both took off work to take Gavin to a dermatology appointment to check on his birth mark. Gavin was born with the mark running from the inside of his upper thigh all the way down to his ankle. We just wanted to confirm what type of birth mark it is and to have assurance that it wouldn't change in nature. Thankfully all of our questions were answered and Gavin even liked the doctor so much he fed her his Cheerios.

However, when we first walked into Texas Children's Hospital, my heart felt heavy because I knew there were families there with children who were sick or hurt. But I have to say that those families were genuinely being cared about when treated at Texas Children's Hopsital. The staff didn't know we were there for a simple consultation, but so many of them were extremely caring and warm. However, I couldn't help but feel guilty that we got to leave the 8th floor of the dialysis center and head on over the the correct wing of the 8th floor of dermatology while others have probably spent days or weeks there. If there was a place to be when sick, it would have to be that Hospital.

After leaving, we at lunch at Mi Mi's Cafe, one of my favorite places and then went to a huge kids' consignment sale. We found a few things, but not as much as when I had been before. Gavin's size hasn't changed very much, so think he will still be able to wear some things from last winter.

We then headed over to a church's pumpkin patch. I absolutely love this time of year and getting to have a little boy to take pictures of is exceptionally fun. I'm going to share more of those pictures later when I can get a chance to edit them, but here's one to tied the grandparents over with for now.

I think all three of us just reveled in the time we got to spend together. It had been a long time in coming since we had quantity and quality family time.

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