Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have definitely been missing in action here in the blog world. Since school let out we have been going non-stop. We have taken two trips to Dallas in a matter of a week, had doctor's appointments, and are currently getting ready for a little boy's third birthday party. Usually I am up to my arms in birthday crafts, but this year two other things have consumed me: nausea and energy drain. Coupled together they produce a big double whammy. I usually get my appetite and a little energy boost around nine at night but two hours later I'm ready to crash.

Anyways the best part of the past two weeks was definitely going to the doctor and hearing the baby's healthy heart beat and even getting a second peak. Last time, Baby Moore looked like a grain of rice was growing in my belly. Now, he/she actually looks like a baby. There was even a little arm bud waving. Amazing!

Well, I am off to try to accomplish some birthday planning while I have the energy this morning. I'll have lots of fun things to post about in the following weeks including a Wild West Showdown, front yard football, Dallas trip pictures and more.

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