Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Potty Mouth

Tonight I had every intention about finally posting some of our summer adventures starting in early June and maybe even getting to share some of Gavin's birthday photos, but I have decided to blog about our newest adventure: potty training! Those two words usually stir up several feelings from parents: horror, worry, and fatigue just to name a few.

Well, I knew Gavin was getting ready for this next stage a few months ago. With his love of routines, he was already going before bath and bedtime, but I had to wait until school was out for the summer to really focus on this new endeavor. So, less than two weeks ago, he started wearing big boy pants emblazoned with his new friends, Mickey, Mator, Muno and Thomas.

I am so proud of how he has done. He has had maybe two accidents which occurred in the first two days. Nap times and nighttime are going to take a little longer, but that's to be expected.

Here's where I need a little help. We have ventured out for some local errands, trying to only be gone about two hours max. That was until today. We met D for lunch and then went to the bookstore Mardel. I knew it was time for a potty break and thankfully Mardel has a large family restroom. Here's my dilemma: Gavin has always stood up to go to the restroom. He uses his little frog potty at home or when he goes at the grandparents' houses, he just moves their scale over and stands to give him a little extra height. As nice as Mardel's restroom is, they didn't have a scale. He was finally able to go by sitting on the toilet (covered in toilet paper) but it was quite awkward for both of us. I was also trying desperately to keep his hands from all over the toilet.

I have a couple of options. I need to invent some germ contained pop-up stool, have Gavin grow two inches before I grow many more inches in the coming months, or receive lots and lots of ideas from those of you who have been there. Please help!


  1. I just hoist Jackson up or he stands on my feet. I usually hold him under his arms while I stand behind him. He never touches the toilet!

  2. Amanda- it's funny you mentioned Jackson standing on your feet because we tried that too. It kind of worked, but we were a little unsteady. And I'm with you on the no toilet touching policy. He's pretty good about abiding on that one. It's everything else around it.