Thursday, June 30, 2011

Potty Mouth Update

Today was by far our longest adventure while in potty training mode. We met up with our sweet friends the Jones at the Children's Museum. This place is incredible and overwhelming at the same time. They have science areas, playgrounds, a mini city, a splash area, butterfly gardens and nature centers just to name a few areas.

Little did we know that the Museum was celebrating Superman's birthday which made the day even more "super." The kiddos loved playing together and the Jones' oldest, sweet Miss A, was wonderful with Gavin. She would let him hold her hand and was like a little mama bear to him.

When it was time for potty break number one, we searched for the nearest restroom. And what did I behold with my eyes upon walking in........ two boxes for kids to stand on. Granted they were for washing hands, but I didn't hesitate to scoot one of those into the stall. Needless to say that made for a happy mama and a dry toddler (maybe I should start saying preschooler.....nah!).

We visited the restroom later on with another success and we may just be visiting the Museum more often this summer.

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