Thursday, October 27, 2011

Super Kid

I realized there is a certain little boy who I have not blogged about lately. It's not because he has not gotten all sorts of attention, tickles, and love at home, but merely because I have pretty much had to set the blog aside the last couple of months. However, I don't want this time to slip by and forget all of the sweet memories we have made like this morning when I heard his sweet little voice say, "I'm awake now." We usually sing the Good Morning song to each other, do a series of stretch and rolls, and see which stuffed animal can knock down his Tigger from across the room.

This boy makes me laugh. Some days, I see so much of D but others like this day, it was totally me when he displayed his talent called, Monkey Toes. It's a trait passed down to at least the third generation on my side.

D and I are trying to daily teach Gavin of God's love and most days he seems to get it. When you ask him who took care of his bobos, he says God heals him. He prays for just about everything he can think of including things that have happened in the past. And for some reason, his prayer about his grandparents goes like this: "Thank you for Nee, thank you for Poppy, thank you for Me Me, thank you for Grand daddy's birthday."

But other days, he absolutely doesn't want to pray when it's his turn. I'm realizing it's a tough spot for a parent because you want them to love God with all of their heart, but you also want them to love Him on their own accord. In the picture below, he is making sure his friends holds hands while they pray.

I love these little hands which are getting much too big and capable these days. Gav likes to figure things out and will often find a way to fix something. I'm noticing lately that he seems to be a visual learner. When putting together a puzzle, he will often refer to the picture for clues.

I really don't want to say it, but he is beginning to transition from the toddling toddler to a preschool runner.

I was concerned a month or two ago, when he started stuttering rather suddenly. What I researched proved true, he was going through a language growth spurt. Lately, when we ask Gavin a question, he will respond with a very thoughtful,"Well........" Other phrases he uses a lot:

"That's just silly."
"I love you to the moon and back."
And embarrassing as it is, to a stranger he might shout out, "Hey you!"

I can pretty much understand everything he says, but of course I am around him 24/7.

Like many other three year olds, Gavin can be somewhat clumsy. One day after the second or third time of him falling, I told him we would have to get him a helmet. He came back with this contraption. I have to say, that it might actually protect him and cause bodily harm to others.

We are so thankful that D found a new job. He was part of the thousands who had been laid off as a result of canceling NASA's space shuttle flights. If someone would pay D to stay home with us, I would be fine with that because I truly enjoyed having him here. And I know, this little boy did as well. It gave them some bonding time and I can say that D does a much better job at playing Batman and Star Wars than I do.

Gavin is also going through a huge super hero phase. I probably shouldn't call it a phase because it may be the beginning of a lifelong fascination with all things super hero. He loved that his grand daddy's birthday was a Superhero theme. In our eyes, this kid is pretty super.

I'll try to post sooner next time so I'm not writing a novel.

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