Saturday, November 5, 2011

31 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 31 Weeks

Usually the picture is what holds up some of my maternity posts, but last week I had the picture and no blog. I'm going to use the picture from last week for this week but just imagine me a little bit bigger now.

Size of Baby: About 16.25 inches - the size of four navel oranges - and weighs approximately 3.3 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants but still trying to mix up maternity and non maternity tops.

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Movement: She has had a few cases of hiccups and seems to actually respond to Gavin or D's voice. It could also be the poking she gets when either of them are around. Both of them think my now outie of a belly button is funny.

Sleep: I kind of feel like I am burning the candle at both ends. There has just been so much to do that I'm probably not getting the rest as much as I do, but when I'm out, I'm really out.

What I miss: Picking things up off the floor easily and my energy level.

Cravings: This week it has been ice cream which is nice that Blue Bell has been on sale.

Best Moment of the Week: Gavin went with me to my check up for the first time. He was so excited about hearing baby sister's heart beat. After we listened to it, he asked me why she wasn't crying and why she wasn't coming out now. Later on, we asked him what his sister's heart beat sounded like, and he responded with, "Like Bullseye!" (the horse from Toy Story).

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