Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for My Kiddo

I am so very thankful for this little boy.

My grandmother asked me today if he always smiles, and I was so happy to tell her that he does. It takes a lot to get this little man down.

I caught myself staring at him today as I watched him take off his socks and shoes. I am thankful I can still see a toddler in those hands and the look of concentration on his face. I was torn between being proud that he has learned so many skills over the past three years, but sad to think that it wasn't that long ago that he was a baby and needed his Ma or Da to do everything for him.

I also realized just how much he is about to grow up as he takes on the new role of big brother. When I hold him in my lap, I remind him that I have two babies: a big baby and a little baby, a boy baby and a girl baby. I'm glad he still let's me call him my baby although I don't think he will for anyone else.

A lot of people say that Gavin looks like his daddy which I can definitely can see at times, but today my mom said looking at Gavin was like having me as a toddler again. I can see some resemblance.

Gavinisms of late:

D: Why do you like honey?
Gavin: Because I like Winnie the Pooh

As we are passing by the lovely chemical plants in our area, Gavin says, "Look, they are making clouds."

A few nights ago Gavin prayed for the bad guys (his bad guy action figures). When we asked them why he prayed for them, he said because they needed God's help not to hurt Batman.

I told him that one of his shirts said, "My Dad Rocks." The next thing I know, he proceeds to get his guitar and show us how to really rock. He deserved an encore.

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