Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful For Our Parents

We are so blessed to have our family nearby. Right now, Gavin is getting to spend some quality time with his Nee and Poppy so that I could go to my doctor's appointment and catch up on some much needed housework. It's funny to see him interact with my parents and how I think he even sometimes gets away with more than I ever did.

And my in-laws are just as helpful when it comes to watching Gav if I have a doctor's appointment (which seem to happen more frequently) or even if I need to just run to the store for a minute. Lately, that's a lifesaver as it's not as easy anymore to get that thirty-pounder in and out of his car seat. Just this weekend, when D and I were out for the count, Gavin spent the night with my parents and then came home and had dinner at Me Me and Grand daddy's because neither D nor I could stomach the thought of food.

What makes our parents even more special is that they have given us a godly heritage that has been passed down from their parents. And both sets have provided examples of a godly marriage in that they will have celebrated 38 wedding anniversaries this year.

I can't forget to mention that they will even go as far as dressing up for some of our "out there" parties whether it's in their best western gear or dawning the ugliest sweater.

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