Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Eyed, Two Horned, Walking, Blue Candy Eater

We have had some serious computer issues lately, as in, we are wondering if we will lose all of our digital photos from the last couple of years. So we (D and I) have been desperately trying to back them all up the past few days. I had plans on posting about all of Gavin's fun costumes that he willing and insisted on putting on everyday. Something about hearing it was cold outside triggered this desire of his. Maybe it was because two weeks ago when it was in the eighties we may or may not have told him it was too hot to wear a costume to the store.

Anyways, while we are finishing the photo backing up process (sounds technical, right?), I did manage to snag one picture to post. This is his alien/monster/cookie monster/dinosaur costume (we had lots of guesses) and me in my skeleton mama and baby shirt that I made. We sported them at our church's Trunk or Treat. Gavin doesn't look too enthralled, but believe me he had a great time.

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