Tuesday, December 6, 2011

5 Minute Countdown

I'm finding that my blogging desire is having a serious war with time right now. I love the Christmas season and am trying to keep it that way. From past years, I have found that the more simple we keep things then the happier everyone is. And especially with us getting ready for baby girl to get here (one month!!!) I am feeling that pull to get so many things crossed off my to do list.

So, since I only have about five minutes, I thought I would give a quick run down on the past several weeks. Hopefully, I can have a 36 week post up this weekend complete with pictures. Seeing as though I haven't had a weekly picture since 31 weeks, let's just say I've grown a bit.

1. Thanksgiving with both families on the same day was great and D and I didn't even overindulge this year since we were both getting over stomach viruses.

2. We took Gav to see the Muppets movie. He loved it and both D and I enjoyed watching Gavin's excitement especially when he showed his stuffed Kermit the Frog to the Kermit on the screen.

3. The house is decorated and we have finally gotten baby girl's room into some kind of order. We also put the cradle my grandfather made securely by our bed. All of the grandchildren and now great grandchildren have used this precious heirloom. It tickles my grandfather every time it gets pulled out.

4. We have had some sweet memories celebrating Advent as a family. Every day, we have been reading a short amount of Scripture, completing a craft and mini activity totaling about 20 minutes. However, I had the bright idea to do a few other countdown to Christmas daily activities and those combined may be a bit much. He does enjoy unwrapping a Christmas book each night to read. I just pulled out all of the past years Christmas books.

5. Gavin went with me to hear his little sister's heartbeat yesterday. Apparently it still sounds like Bullseye, the horse from Toy Story. The doctor pretty much said that we were in the safe zone if she were to come any day from here on out. Exciting, but a little scary since I have yet to pack a hospital bag.

And, that's about all of the time I have. I'm being pulled away by a preschooler who has questions about Handy Manny and some tiny tools. At least that is a little more understandable than him coming to me yesterday with three pairs of underwear and a fly swatter.

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