Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It Wasn't So Bad

***I have seriously had this blog post in process for the past two weeks. Life gets a little busy around here.

The day I turned 30 came and went. And to be honest, it really wasn't all that bad. In fact, it was quite good. So many sweet family and friends called to wish me Happy Birthday, I had balloons, flowers and some birthday surprises waiting for me when I got up, and my mother in law made some delicious salted caramel chocolate cupcakes. My mouth is watering a little since I haven't had sugar since my birthday.

My sweet little boy came running out of his room with a card his daddy helped him make. He had been hiding it under his bed and tried to show me the night before because he was so excited about it. Hunny surprised me with an hour massage (in our home) and I met him later that evening with our kiddos for dinner at this truly unique German restaurant. We happened to go on the night they provided entertainment. There's nothing like listening to an lederhosen- wearing accordion player. I jest, but it was a lot of fun. Notice the new haircut. I have had it for a month and I'm still not too sure about it.

I distinctively remember taking this picture and thinking, " I am truly beyond happy right now. I am with my husband, my little boy and my brand- new daughter who by the way, was wearing one of my baby outfits.

Here's a better photo.

For the weekend, my sweet husband wrote an entire murder mystery plot and our ever-so much fun family agreed to play the parts. Everyone went all-out, costumes and everything. Hunny went over to my parents' house (who graciously hosted for us) and set everything up.

Here's a picture of the cast and crew.

We had some strange characters. I think 25 percent was by the script while the other 75% was whatever embellishments each player wanted to add. I remember something about the murder victim's oozing toe, a maid's pearls from her mother, a nosy neighbor who said everything was three years ago, a maid who had thirty cats, a peddler who kept trying to sell watches or whatever he could get his hands on and a schizophrenic gardener. That was only the half of it.

Turning thirty was pretty good. In fact, I think I will stay thirty for the next ten plus years. Don't tell anyone.

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