Monday, September 7, 2009


After almost a month of being away from our home in another state this summer, coming to said home and packing, then moving, starting school and trying to unpack in the midst, I was so ready for Labor Day. It's amazing how just one little extra day off can make a world of difference. While we spend most weekends trying to catch up, this one day gave us time to sprinkle in some fun activities. Plus, we're all unpacked and organized sans one bathroom and the garage of course.

So to celebrate all of our laboring, we played and ate, and played some more. I don't have any pictures of us swimming or eating, basically because I was too busy doing both.

Gavin got to see his cousins who have both grown so much in the past couple of months. But if you look at this picture, you may notice something missing. It's Gavin's smile. See, he's a little used to being in the driver's seat. Not that he doesn't mind sharing a mule ride with Logan, but being eight months older, he thinks it's probably best he drive.

Now, that's better.

Mr. Man also got to drive the jeep on his own.
And he and Daddy watched the pinata fun.
Then G and Granddaddy tried it out.
In all, it was a very enjoyable and labor-free day.

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