Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Play Ball

We had these glorious plans to attend several Astros games this summer, but those plans were short-lived when D. had to spend most of the summer in Florida. Still determined to participate in America's favorite past time, we headed out to the ballpark with our friends Pris and Kris.

Pris and I have known each other for.... let's just say probably before we can even remember. Long story short, we didn't see each other for many years, were college roommates and it was like we were never apart. Kris, well Kris is just lots and lots of fun and we're glad that he's permanently wherever Pris is. And Gavin just so happens to be one of his favorite kiddos so that makes him extra special.

Daddy and Gavin needed some quiet time otherwise known as it was Gavin's nap time and we didn't want to run off the other fans.

The seats weren't that great, but the company was the best. Plus, the Astros won!

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