Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sweet and Delicious

My kindergarten kiddos are a sweet bunch this year. That's not to say the past couple of year's kids haven't been sweet, but these are exceptionally so. They must like me a little bit too because today I received my first apple. Call it cheesy, but it was pretty swell getting an apple as a teacher. And here's the proof.

Since hearing they are now in season, I'm on a little bit of an apple kick. Due to some inspiration and not knowing where to put this vase, I dished up this yummy creation.

And who else likes apples besides teachers? This guy (horse) right here. For the first time in the nearly ten years I have known D. I got to ride one of Me Me's horses this weekend. What better name for the sweetest horse than Sweetie. She's so kind and gentle. We all got to take her for a spin. Ranch life may be rubbing off on us.

I'm going to be taking a little hiatus, at least through the weekend. Some of you might be thinking I already took a hiatus, but this one is intentional. The main reason is time. I need to cut back on some things. My blog wouldn't necessarily be on the top of my list because I need this little bit of a creative outlet, but it also shouldn't be anywhere close to the top of my priorities. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

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