Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh The Places You Will Go

Gavin has this fascination with the buttons on my cellphone. Actually, it's buttons on anything electronic.
Yesterday, he turned on the television and managed to change the channel to a foreign station. I didn't mind because it might help him in the long run to be bilingual. I just didn't like the volume being at shrieking level.

The other scary button he started messing with is the back door lock. I can't believe he's tall enough to reach it much less try to unlock it. I'm extremely glad the door sticks.

As he turns fifteen months old today, I was thinking that at this time his development is more educational and social, less physical. Although this week we did find out he reached the 20 pound mark. He's also taken up to 12 steps by himself, but just doesn't want to let loose and walk completely on his own.

His awareness of his surroundings and meanings of words is what has astonished me the most. He can point to the light or birds when asked where they are. He will wipe his face with his bib after eating. Gavin also waves to people and almost all animals especially Sweetie the horse and Ms. Kitty. He gives us kisses when we ask and starts dancing and clapping when he hears music. Plus he puts the cellphone, his play phone or the real phone up to his ear likes he's talking on it.

Although he's fifteen months old, I can't bring myself to cut his hair just yet. I'm not sure where he gets the curls from, but I want to keep them around a little while longer.
At this age, he's always on the go, mostly it's by means of the long or obstacle course route.This about as relaxed as he gets and we're trying to absorb every moment.

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