Thursday, October 22, 2009

Belated Birthday and Bosom Buddies

We celebrated Granddaddy's birthday late- way late, but I guess it worked in his favor to get to celebrate for a solid month. It's kind of fun that way. When we finally got together, it was a racing good time.
As the Moore cousins are growing and able to play a little better together, there are the ups and then the downs. Gavin used to "pat" oldest Moore boy Ayden on the head in good fun, but only one was having any fun. Now youngest Moore boy Logan wanted to clear things up a bit. Both were all smiles for a while. Aren't they cute in their matching hats?
Then the playing turned into a bit more than one could handle.
Gavin will make a good big brother one day because he was awfully patient for a while with Logan's "patting."
In the end, they cleared things up and were jolly good friends.
I couldn't resist including this pic of Gavin hamming it up.
Happy Birthday Granddaddy!

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