Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Is The Way We Patch The Pumpkins

We got around to doing one of my favorite fall activities- going to the pumpkin patch. It ranks right up there above making the first pot of Moore chili which we did today. So...we actually went to the pumpkin patch last weekend while we were in Dallas, but for blogging's sake, we'll pretend it was just yesterday.

There were dozens, probably more like thousands of pumpkins lining every inch of the Dallas Arboretum, even creating the cutest pumpkin house complete with a pumpkin and gourd garden.

We had a little more success at catching some cute pics of Gavin this year than we did last year.

Not long after this picture is when we notice Gavin had "leaked" all over his pants, so we promptly ended the photo shoot, changed clothes and just explored the rest of the gardens.

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