Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can You Feel It?

Fall. It's my most favorite time of the year. The air is a little crisper (and I mean little in the hot South), leaves and jewel tone colors adorn everything, and a change seems to creep in unlike any other season. Yes, I like it even more than Winter and the glory of Christmas. It's probably because people seem to be a little more thankful and less commercial but for an, oh so brief, period of time.

And sometime during Fall, usually not at the beginning like I would hope, but about a 1/3 of the way through, the temps drop low enough here to consider making the first traditional pot of Moore chili and that ceremonious cup of hot chocolat. Yes, that is chocolat instead of chocolate. It has more of a sophisticated sound to it don't ya' think?

I'm probably just a little antsy, but I have already bought the new pack of marshmallows to replace the old, smooshed together leftovers from last year. And, a brand new box of reduced calorie hot chocolat. Those things have expiration dates if you didn't already know.

But alas, when my dashboard read a cool 100 degrees (it actually only reached a high of 92 degrees today), my hopes dashed away from that warm cup of marshmallowy goodness. I mean chocolat goodness. Hopefully no one is keeping track of my marshmallow to hot chocolat ratio. It's kind of like when the cousins would brag that we drank coffee at Nana's, but really it was 95% milk and 5% coffee. I've heard someone at Dell still drinks it that way.

But I digress and will endure for a few more days until our cold front comes to rescue us from the "marshmallow hits the pavement and melts" kind of weather. Until then, I will be looking for a new fall hot chocolat recipe (feel free to send me your favorite) and trying to usher in cooler weather with a reminder of last year's Fall.

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