Tuesday, October 13, 2009

State Fair

For years I've wanted to go to the Texas State Fair. After all, shouldn't every true Texan see Big Tex in person at least once in their life? Well, I'm finding quite a few Texans haven't visited this one-of-kind event, so consider us your tour guides.

Let me just say that if you are going to try to make it to the last weekend of this year's State Fair, then get there early. We were there after the gates opened, but a little before the booths officially opened. It was really nice not to fight the crowds.

First up, Gavin helped out at the farm. He had done something similar to this at last February's Houston Livestock Show, but eight months of growing makes a huge difference on how much more he was able to enjoy it. He watered and picked peaches.

Planted pea seeds.

And drove the tractor.
And a run down of just a few other things we did: ate lots of food, walked it off, saw a saloon made of butter, watched a professional dog dancing show, took in the view of prized canned goods, ate some more, wondered why they were giving out blue ribbons for collectibles and secretly thinking about prized possessions we could enter next year, napped in the stroller (at least one of us did), burned more calories searching for a lost hat Mr. Man chucked out of the stroller, saw Oprah's camera crew, listened to Celtic rock music, and ate a not so delicious glass of fried Coke. Yum!

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