Sunday, October 4, 2009


My kindergarteners can tell you that hibernating means to sleep during the winter. Sleeping we've been doing a lot around here, but I wouldn't really say it was winter. Although the drop in temperature made me wonder if it was time to officially welcome in cooler weather with a nice bowl of chili. The higher temps today made me glad I waited.

See, we've been battling the flu around our house. It really only lasted a day or two thankfully, but to make sure we weren't contagious we've been staying home. So just how have we combated boredom? Why, we've created a makeshift zooming car complete with an airplane and daddy at the helm.
Someone has also been reading the newspaper and learning how to eat with a spoon. So, no worries Poppy, Nonna, Me Me and Granddaddy, this someone feels all better now.
I've got a few more posts lined up in the coming days so stay tuned.

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