Thursday, November 5, 2009

The 2009 DQ Debate

It all started with these. I found this set of vanilla and chocolate dipped pretend Dairy Queen ice cream cones at Target today. Since Gavin loves ice cream, I thought he might enjoy these. He didn't actually try to eat either one, but more so enjoyed throwing them around. I'm just glad he didn't get upset when he figured out they weren't real.

I also found pretend DQ ice cream sandwiches. This led off to a debate between D. and I as to whether we thought the real ice cream sandwiches were larger or smaller. I said the real sandwiches were bigger around while he thought the fake sanwiches were thicker. The only way we were going to see who was right was to take D. up on his suggestion to go get a real ice cream sandwich from Dairy Queen. Who was I to argue?

Gavin had eaten, but it wasn't until after we had left, that D. and I realized neither of us had. Oh well. A little dessert before dinner every once in a blue moon isn't going to hurt anyone.

When we got to DQ, we were a little uncertain our mystery would be solved because the before mentioned sandwiches were not listed on the menu. To our taste buds delight, the person at the window said that would be $1.61. I wonder what other items they don't have listed.

Drum roll please. The winner of the 2009 DQ ice cream sandwich debate is.... both of us.

The real ice cream sandwich was larger around but not quite as thick. Although I think D. was smooshing the real one a little bit. It's probably a good thing we forgot to actually wager anything on our little debate since we both were right.

And no mom, I would never take pictures in the car while driving.
This little man could hardly care less though. He was just along for the ride.

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