Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Growing Up Is Hard

Today, Gavin turned seventeen months old, and it might be a day that he wished he could forget but I won't. Since Friday, he's not been himself. He's been fussy and not eating. He didn't even want to go on a mule ride this evening. It has all to do with four very swollen canine teeth that have decided to rear their ugly heads.

And poor Gavin is getting the brunt of it. I would say Mommy and Daddy are, but we're not the ones feeling the pain. I don't like seeing him like this, but I have enjoyed the extra cuddle time. After these troublesome teeth, I think he only has another set of molars left to come in. I'm hoping he will still want to cuddle every now and then for old times sake.

We went outside this evening to take pictures since I like to get some pictures of him every 17th day of the month and I thought he might enjoy being outside. The sun didn't cooperate with us and was barely peeking through by the time we got home.

Today's pictures are not of Gavin's usual smiling self, but that's okay. They capture a time in his life that we won't have back. I especially like the one of him asleep in my arms because he hasn't done that since I don't know when.

Sweet boy - at 17 months you:
>Say Momma, Dada, ball, more and hi plus a lot of other stuff we don't quite understand yet;
>Explore everywhere;
>Like to join in when we laugh;
>Love being chased and will try to "get us" if we pretend we're hiding;
>Still love Mr. Rabbit but are good about only needing him when you sleep or aren't feeling well;
>Are very clingy to immediate family right now, especially me;
>Walk very well, but still needs a hand to get up from the floor even if it's just to hold a finger;
>Will shake your head "no" and mean it;
>Throw a ball really well- fast and straight on. We thought it was just going to be your left hand, but now it's both;
>Still like your hats. Today you had on three different ones and I only put one of them on;
>Wears 12 month clothes and a size three diaper;
>Keep us on our toes about what to feed you;
>Have the cutest blond hair and brown eyes;
>Try to put your shoes on and will lift your leg when we put your socks or shoes on;
>Love books;
>Nod your head and clap to music especially the "Arky, Arky" song;
>Crack us up all of the time.

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