Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can You Say Random?

I have several thoughts in my head, but really no clear way to tie them together. I think I'll just jump in.
  • Today, I desperately wanted to photograph my grandfather sitting next to his only remaining brother and sister out of 13 siblings. I felt like they probably hadn't had a picture taken together in awhile. Tomorrow they will bury their sister. She was 93 and the twin of the only remaining sister. It's sad to lose a loved one, but there was so much laughter and connection in the room today. Aunt Marca Lee probably would have wanted it that way. I hugged my grandparents extra tight tonight.
  • At dinner, we were telling Gavin "no, no" because he was throwing some food (he's getting better, thankfully) and the next thing D and I hear coming from his mouth is "no, no." We had the hardest time not cracking up laughing. Okay, we eventually caved in. One thing about Gavin is that you can hardly get him to repeat anything. He just usually does it on his own.
  • My blond haired nephew, who looks like he could be Gavin's brother, turns five today. Happy Birthday Ayden!
  • Fifteen, quince, 15, I repeat fifteen school days left!
  • After a two week break, Zumba is back on and I'm a little sore today. I also slipped getting in the shower and pretty sure I bruised my shin bone. I don't have a bruise yet, but I think it's going to be very colorful.
See, this was random. Welcome to my world.

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