Monday, May 24, 2010

Swirly Notes

My head is kind of swirling. So much has been going on lately. Poor little boy got a bad stomach bug right before the weekend and it looks like his daddy may have followed right along. I think both are on the mend now.

My little hometown has shown great heart this week. Several beloved members of the community from the small to the larger than life passed away. The lives they led and their love for Jesus have brought great comfort, but loss is never easy.

The camera is not fixed, but we were able to create a workaround to get the pictures downloaded. Here's a little slide show of what's been going on. Just pretend you're in my living room and I have the projector out.

We had another woodland creature grace our presence. This time it took a dip in the pool. There's no telling how long that raccoon had been in there and couldn't get out.
After we helped it reach dry land, the masked bandit wanted to go for another dip. Seriously? Are you sure about that buddy?
D was asked to play Indiana Jones for our nephew's Indiana Jones themed birthday party.
I think he looked pretty close to the part. Although our nephew kept saying, "It's not Indiana Jones. It's Indiana Dave!" Indy had help from his little sidekick. Remember Short Round?
Well, Gavin actually looked more like a miniature Indiana Jones than he looked like the kid from the movies.

During this past week, Short Round turned 23 months. I know as kids get older this will probably be the last time we refer to Gavin's age in months. I truly can't believe our drummer boy will turn 2 in just a few weeks.
Now instead of fitting inside my belly, he chooses to lay on it. And that's just fine with me.

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