Sunday, May 2, 2010

Feeling Puny

It's been a rough couple of days to say the least. After D stayed home from work Tuesday and Wednesday because of allergies/sinus stuff, I took Gavin back to the doctor Thursday to make sure he was over his double ear infection. His ears were clear Yippe! But... one of the little boys at his baby sitter had some sore spots in his mouth and went home sick, so I had the doctor check out Gavin's mouth to be on the safe side. Sure enough, Gavin had those same spots. Thankfully he wasn't running fever and hasn't since. We can just tell he's a little uncomfortable when he eats. Other than that, his energy level is at full steam.

That same night, I started to have a sore throat and it has gone down hill since. Fevers, chills, headaches, the works. At least nothing was coming up or out- ewww.

Since Gavin wasn't going to his babysitter because he was considered contagious, MeMe watched him Friday morning while I dragged myself to school. I came home to find out my worst fear (at the time) Gavin was taking a nap! And a two and a half hour nap. I quickly threw myself into bed and caught a thirty minute nap before picking him up.

Let's just say this little boy was ready to play. The only reason I have any pictures of him is that the camera just happened to be in arms reach.I decided it was time to build a fort in the middle of the living room. This fort consisted of two pillows, a blanket and down comforter. Yea, it wasn't really a fort but my makeshift bed. I have no pictures because the camera wasn't in arms reach and I don't think I was very coherant at this point. Gavin basically got to pull out all of his toys. He even brought a few books for me to read to him. But in order to read, he had to have his Rescue Heroes, blue ball, rabbit, blanket and himself perched on top of the pillows.

After about two hours of this, I decided it was nap time for all. This was pretty risky since he had just woken up from a nap two hours prior, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. Thankfully God answered my prayers and he didn't make a single cry until D came home to rescue us about two and a half hours later.

This is getting long, so here's the short version to wrap up the rest of the story.
D came home. I slept some more.
He took me to the clinic since it was the only thing open.
They were closed. The nice pharmacist recommended something over the counter.
I had my jacket on inside out the whole time. Didn't know. Didn't care.
Slept 12 hours. Went back to the clinic.
Strep throat.
Got medicine. Starting to feel better.
Now I'm up at 3 a.m. since I've been sleeping all day.
The end.

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  1. Missed you yesterday! Hope you feel back to yourself soon!