Sunday, May 16, 2010

Strawberry Fields

If you're like me, then you are so ready to stop looking at that icky creature on my blog. To appease you and myself, I'm going to tell you about our little trip we took to Froberg Farm in Alvin, Texas to pick strawberries.
We lucked out in that we went the last day of picking. Although if you ask me, they probably could have allowed people to pick for another week or two. The strawberries were not huge, but there were tons of ripe ones.
We had to teach Gavin the fine art of picking strawberries. First, it might be fine to eat one to make sure they are okay, but probably not every one you pick.
Daddy might have helped him taste one or a few.
Once he was quite certain they were Moore worthy, he got the hang of putting them in the bucket.
He took his job of carrying the bucket very seriously. It got so heavy he was dragging it, but he was determined. I think he had a soft spot for the berries because we caught him trying to put a strawberry back in the plant.
We definitely picked enough to last us awhile.
And had an awesome family day together.
Strawberry picking is hard work.

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