Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Want My House Back

Our house is for sale. We made the hard decision about two months ago when we put it on the market. It's hard because it's the first house we have owned, the house we brought G. home to and in just four years in it we have made so many wonderful memories. We were also blessed to have family and friends write scripture all over the frame of the house when it was being built. Needless to say, it has special meaning to us.

I know there will be other houses that we will love although neither of us wants to move around. We're kind of a one-home, let's raise our children, and sit on the front porch (we don't have a front porch) growing old kind of folks. Plus we made the decision to sell the house for several great reasons. Still, I want my house back. It's weird thinking that people are touring our house several times a week and it's really hard to keep it spit-spot, show house clean all of the time especially now that our wee one is getting into everything.

As the complaint of wanting my house back runs through my head, I'm reminded that our time on Earth is just temporal. Instead of yearning for this physical house that will one day be no more, I should daily be looking forward to my permanent home in Heaven. 1John 2:17 says that the world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will will of God lives forever. While I'm still struggling with what God's will is for my life, I know that my temporary desires will pass away one day. Since that's the case, it's probably best that I don't spend so much of my time fretting over what might sell in the near future.

Since you've followed me this long through my little pep talk to myself, I'll leave you with this treat: a sneak peek at G.'s first year birthday pictures.

***Update***Today we were supposed to have someone come at 2:30 to look at the house. At 12:20, we get a phone call saying they rescheduled and are coming at 12:30. If you do a little math, that comes out to they will be here in ten minutes. Needless to say, I definitely wasn't ready. The house was pretty much picked up, but I was in the middle of feeding G. lunch. D. called them back and told them they would have to hold off until at least 12:45, but the realtor never got the message. The door bell rings at exactly 12:30, and flustered, I told them they would have to give me a few minutes especially since G. was crying over wanting more strawberries and he needed to be changed before we left. I didn't tell them all of that of course, but I did make it out of the house with a mostly clean baby. I think he still had some strawberries on his forehead. As if it's not that obvious by now, I really want my house back and God still has a lot of work to do with me!

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