Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poor Baby

I took Gavin today for his twelve month well-baby visit. I guess it was his twelve months and two week visit to be exact. When we were there recently, I made note to bring a blanket for the cold table in efforts to have a calm baby on my hands. That somewhat worked, but from from the minute I set him on the scale, let's just say someone gave their lungs a workout.

While we waited for the doctor, I sang to Gavin, gave him puffs and played the tickle game. Anything to distract him. When the doctor did come in, boy, did Gavin show him how well he had been practicing the wrinkled nose and scrunched up face. However, I got to hold him most of the time and that helped. I think he was even a bit sleepy from the Tylenol I gave him beforehand.

But then he was wide awake. First they drew some blood from his finger for a routine anemia check and then he had to get two shots in each leg. He let me know he wasn't a happy camper. By the way, you should watch Jim Gaffigan's new video. The bit he does on "happy campers"is pretty funny.

The doctor said Gavin was doing fine and we could switch him to regular milk now. At twelve months and two weeks, he's:
28 3/4 inches in length: 20% percentile
18 pounds and 4 ounces in weight: less than 5% percentile
18 1/2 inches in circumference for head size: 70% percentile

We have a small boy, but he's always trended that way. For those of you who are squeamish, don't read on. On the way home, I noticed something brownish/red on Gavin's mouth. As we got further down the road, I noticed more of it. He had been sucking on the band aid where they drew blood from his finger, and so he had smeared the blood all over his face. Needless to say, I pulled over and got him cleaned up. Here's a picture of the brave boy who is now fast asleep. You can only see one of the two band aids on his leg and the one on his finger right before I took it off. You wouldn't know he wasn't a "happy camper" a little while earlier with that big smile on his face.

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