Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Busy Day

We had a full day today. It started off with a little watering around the house this morning since we are going through a big time drought around here. Mr. G got to play in his ball pit and I got a workout chasing the balls around. After a naptime (his not mine) we headed to the park to play with Pam and her adorable twins.

This park was pretty neat since most of it was covered. Although in 98, inching to 100 degree heat, shade just doesn't do a whole lot. Play time was over before we knew it and I loaded up a hot kiddo back in the car.

After a quick lunch and bath, I again loaded up previously mentioned kiddo and we headed off to work on a surprise for D. Gavin got a cat nap in the car sans his full two hour nap, but he seemed fine, even making it through an hour grocery shopping trip.

We were desperate to go to the store since we were getting low on everything and Gavin was switching to...TADA- whole milk! That's right, no more bottles or formula. We've been giving him a sippee cup with water off and on for awhile, so I was hoping it wouldn't be a problem. However, when we had previously tried it with formula instead, he wasn't having it.

I was pretty excited because he seemed to take it fine at first, but the rest of dinner he just kept pushing the cup away. Some have said the easiest thing to do is go cold turkey, but if anyone else has any suggestions I'm all ears.

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