Friday, July 17, 2009

Thirteen Months

And thirteeen still proves to be a blessed number for us. Gavin is now thirteen months old. Not even a year anymore because parents talk in months at this age. I still want to say he's one because thst means he's not inching toward that two year old mark yet.

At thirteeen months, Gavin:
>Takes a few steps
>Plants his feet when stepping toward someone and chooses he would rather fall forward instead of moving those little toes
>Likes to share his food by feeding us
>Waves his hand and makes mmmm sounds when he wants more food or milk
>Says Ma Ma, Da Da, and hi. It also sounded like he's said car, eye, and book.
>Gives the wettest, open-mouthed kisses
>Still sleeps with his mouth open and smiles in his sleep
>Does a great job with his sippee cup and manages to put it back on the table upright when he's not in a hurry
>Loves water and thinks it's fun to drink out of a water bottle
>Drank milk out of a big kid's cup today
>Wants Mommy when something isn't right, but laughs most with Daddy
>Is not wanting to eat his vegetables right now, but we'll keep trying
>Loves bread, cheese, chicken, strawberries, blueberries, waffles, puffs, dried fruit and Cheerios
>Can crawl out of his stroller
>Loves Mr. Rabbit. We tried for a more unique name, but Mr. Rabbit stuck over Wigglesworth.
>Will smile at anyone with a smile
>Claps his hands and moves his arms to music
>Tries to put objects or food back in their container
>Thinks it's so funny to fall backwards when sitting up
>Loves driving smalls cars found in parks
>Laughs when he burps or sneezes
>Is becoming sweeter every day

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