Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blue Bonnets, Blue Bell and Brenham

We took advantage of another beautiful spring day (that is before the Northern blew in) and took a day trip to Brenham on Friday. This little town is known for its bluebonnets which weren't quite ready to bloom fully and of course the best ice cream anywhere- Blue Bell.D and I have in years past taken the Blue Bell factory tour, so we weren't completely disappointed when all of the tours were sold out hours in advance. Gavin's still a little too young to completely enjoy the tour and besides, all the kid wanted was the ice cream. For a $1, we each got a generous portion of our favorite cold treat.Usually we just buy the light or sugar free version, but nope not today. We scarfed down rich, creamy blackberry cobbler, cake and ice cream and turtle fudge. Now doesn't that just sound delicious?After ice cream, we took a stroll through Brenham's historical district. There were large wooden Easter eggs everywhere (sorry no pictures) decorated by local groups. We picked up a few unique buys including some half off toys at a resell shop and Gavin was given these cute shades by one of the store owners. It was about an hour and a half one way drive, but for traveling with an antsy toddler, that was just the right amount of time for a family outing. Besides, you can stop 3/4 of the way there and have a sausage on a bun lunch at Chappell Hill. Did I mention they have the best sausage around?

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