Monday, March 29, 2010

Gardening with Gavin 101

Hi. My name is Gavin and I'm here to help Mommy and Daddy plant our first garden. See, I'm pretty good at supervising, so I'm just going to sit back and give orders, I mean make suggestions.

First, you have to pick high quality seeds. I decided to go with the carrots. They used to be my favorite vegetable, but now I don't think any vegetable is my favorite. Mommy says they will give me x-ray vision, so we'll give them a whirl again.

Here's Daddy tilling up the dirt and pulling weeds. What's wrong Pops?

Aww, that's better. He's a regular ol' Farmer Brown.

From here, I just watched them plant the carrots, jalapenos, and strawberries. That's going to make for a very strange salad if you ask me. (Which they didn't.)

Mommy let me help her water the seeds in.

Then we finished our hard work with a big gulp of water right from the hose.
Check back in a month or so for the fruits and vegetables of our labor.

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