Saturday, March 20, 2010

Too Busy to Blog

We've had a fun-filled couple of days. As I mentioned before, Gavin and I made a visit to a dear friend who celebrates her birthday on St. Patrick's Day. Of course the two of us were too busy catching up that I didn't pull out the camera, but I did get a sweet shot of Gavin playing with his grown-up look-a-like friend Will.
Will was gracious to let Gavin play (mess up) his incredibly cool town complete with every John Deer tractor imaginable and masking tape roads.

Later we had our friends Pris and Kris come over to enjoy Shepherd's pie and Irish Potatoes.

Gavin showed Pris how to play with blocks.
He later commandeered Kris' hat.
We have pics of the grown-ups (Am I one of those now?!) playing the Wii, but the pics are not too pretty. Lots of action shots though.

On Thursday, we took a family trip to the Rodeo. I'm not sure what was going on with Gavin- if he was tired or overwhelmed by the people, but he wasn't his usual happy-go-lucky self. We tried to make the best of it.

He should be a pro at farming by now as this was his third go-around. After milking a cow, planting peppers and picking oranges, he reaped the fruits of his labor by purchasing a snack and orange juice with his farm wages.
Then it was on to the petting zoo. Boy- did we meet a crowd! At least we didn't have a goat try to eat our clothes this time.
We finally got a smile out of Gavin when D put him on his shoulders as we were leaving.
And we were off to the doctor for a special appointment to check out Gavin's growth and see if his ear infection cleared up. Thankfully the ears looked fine and after 21 months, I think the doctor is convinced that Gavin is just genetically going to be on the small size- the way God perfectly created him.After all of the excitement of the day, Gavin finally tuckered out on the ride home. I know most kids take of their socks and shoes in the car, but for Gavin he usually only takes off his left sock and shoe.

If that's not enough, D and I dropped Gavin off with his MeMe and Granddaddy and met our friends Pris and Kris at the Rodeo. We're either a glutton for punishment or we love those two. It's definitely the latter.

We were brave and tried the fried Oreos and fried Twinkie. Neither were as bad as we imagined.

After prying Kris away from the baby chickens, we set our sights on the Rodeo. Every year, I enjoy the Rodeo, but this year, I was taken back by thinking about how much goes into this three week production. My favorite events have to be the calf scramble (high school kids try to rope a calf bare handed) and the bull riding. However, D and I are convinced that when Gavin's five we're going to enter him in the mutton bustin' contest (the kids try to ride a sheep for as long as possible). For now, we'll just practice seeing how far he can ride his daddy around the house.

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