Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I've Been Bit

Little known fact: about four years ago, I got the photography bug. Maybe it had to do with getting a new camera or maybe it was being surrounded by the incredible scenery of a wintery New York City. Either way- the bug bit me.

Since then, I've toyed with the camera, changed angles when photographing and desperately longed for some of the Photoshop knowledge D has to jump into my head. It takes time- a lot of time, but little by little, I'm gaining more knowledge and mostly figuring out what style suits me.

Sunday's beautiful weather gave the Moore family a good excuse to get outside. Of course it's always fun photographing when you have your two favorite subjects nearby.
Gavin's new pose is called the pretzel. He does it quite often now.

The camera and I have been through so much that I'm considering a new camera strap. D, you wouldn't mind a new strap in teal and tiger print would you? ........Silence, and then he just walked away.

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