Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Rabbit Tail

This is the tail of a rabbit.
It's no ordinary tail. This tail has been with the Moore family for almost two years now. And the wimpy tail is attached to an even wimpier body of this blue friend.
This tail's tale began when a little boy was so very little. He didn't know this moon shaped rabbit would be his pal one day.
The tail is not recognized by many except for the grandparents and parents because it is kept hidden for those quite moments of nap time and night time.

However, this tail has been lovingly snuggled and tossed around so much that it began to shrink in stature.

One day, the owner's mother stepped in to give the long ears some TLC.

With a little pull of the old stuffing here,
Stitch of the fur there,
And a protective eye to oversee,
The tail and the rest of its body were as good as new.

A happy little boy could now hug his buddy, Mr. Rabbit aka Mr. Wigglesworth or Ol' Long Ears.
This is the end of that tail.

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