Monday, March 15, 2010

One to One

If you open the drawer containing my muffin pans, more than likely you will find a letter of the alphabet securely held in one of the muffin holes. I'm not sure if Gavin is pretending to help me in the kitchen or just doing his own thing.

To further encourage his creativity, I decided to see how he was at one to one correspondence. This is just a fancy term for putting one object in one hole. It's a skill that kindergarteners are supposed to achieve by year's end. And to be honest, my initial thought upon hearing this was you've got to be kidding. The naivety that came with being a first year teacher a couple of years ago thought that all kids should be able to do this. Not so much. Since then, I've seen kids that can't for the life of them point and count five objects because they either skip over objects or count too many of them, repeatedly.

Well anyways, I wanted to see what my 20 month old could do- parental curiosity. I retrieved the muffin tin and collected several plastic cookies. Somehow a cricket puzzle piece ended up in the mix. And what do you know, little man was able to correctly place one cookie in each of the holes.
Later on, he started replacing some of the cookies with alphabet letters from our Fridge (or Fidget if you're in the Moore household) Phonics. Those were more fun (for Mommy) because the magnets on the back held them in the holes when Gavin decided it was time to turn the whole thing over.

Now I just have to stay on my toes or we might end up chewing into the end of the letter J next time we have blueberry muffins.

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