Thursday, July 7, 2011

On a Berry Hunt

I am finally going to try to catch up on blogging from the beginning of the summer. Just pretend we went berry picking yesterday or even this morning. That would make me feel more efficient at least!

My mother-in-law found this berry picking place a few miles down the road, so we loaded up some rascally boys and my sister-in-law. I think these three will be friends forever.

At the time blackberries were about done for the season, but we still managed to find a few not counting the ones that wound up in our mouths. Gavin did well with just picking the black ones and both little boys stayed on task for awhile.

However, I think we lost them when it was time to pick blueberries. They still found a few ways to entertain themselves.

I loved the blueberry vines. The waxy part rubs off and reveals a pretty blue hue.

We were happy with our haul and D was even happier with the blackberry cobbler later that evening.

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